ANTELA 360 ° Rotation IP Indoor Wi-Fi Camera

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➤ 【1080P Night Vision and Flexible Stem】: This surveillance camera has infrared night vision lens and 1080p high resolution images, Even at night, it can see through the dark up to 10M in bright light conditions weak. (NOTES: Only supports 2.4Ghz)
➤ 【Lightweight and Easy to Set Up Design】: This indoor wifi camera is equipped with an image inversion support (setting on the app). We can place it where we want and view the whole room. With a simple double tap, you can zoom and focus on the smallest details.
➤ 【Instant motion alarm】: this indoor camera keeps motion; every time it detects movement, it will take a picture and send an alert to your phone; It's great for knowing when your child is waking up from a nap or walking around the house. Your home will be safe. The sensitivity of the alarm can be adjusted, so as not to be disturbed by frequent notifications
➤ 【Two-Way Audio】: For times when you are away from home and want to talk to your loved ones or your pets, this indoor camera has a built-in speaker and microphone that keep your voice clear and crystal clear; it has never been easier to be this close to your family, wherever you are
➤ 【Compatibility and package】: Compatible with Alexa / Google. Power plug * 1 , User guide * 1, Wifi camera * 1, Power cable (180cm) * 1.You can share your happy moments with your family or friends wherever and whenever you want




1. After the device is turned off and restarted, it takes about half a minute to reconnect.

2. The device contains an SD card slot, you can put a memory card to record your life (up to 128G, need to buy separately), and the memory card can be directly inserted into the computer, export and edit the video (MP4 format).